Our locksmith services help homes and businesses, both small and large, to defend against after-hours breaking and entering as well as theft. Complete corporate and commercial security services are provided by East Locks, ranging from basic key cutting to integrated and comprehensive security for your home and business:

Our counter, emergency and mobile locksmithing services include:

  • Counter or on-site service, quotation and security survey
  • Emergency lockout services when you get locked out of your vehicle, office or business
  • Lock changes and repairs
  • General servicing of locks and key cutting
  • Replacing lost or broken keys
  • New keys cut and existing locks rekeyed
  • Designing, installing and managing master and restricted key systems
  • Installing electronic access controls and electronic locks
  • Exterior or interior padlocks, deadlocks, deadbolts and door locks serviced or fitted
  • Supply and install shop-front and window locks
  • Keyless entry systems
  • Supply, install and repair safes
  • Safes opened due to the failure of a combination or electronic lock, or when a combination is forgotten

Check Out More of Our Services

Alarm Systems – Install monitored or unmonitored alarm systems for residential or commercial properties.

CCTV Video Surveilance – Monitor and record areas of your home or workplace

Supply and Install and Safes – Keep your valuables and sensitive items secure with a safe.

Master Key Systems – Allow access zoning in a business premises.

Auto Lock smith

When car keys need to be replaced these days, it isn’t simply a matter of just having a key cut. Usually modern vehicles need to have a transponder chip inside the key programmed. Also, the immobilizer in the vehicle must be matched with the transponder before the car can be started with a newly cut key. In order to produce working keys, a high degree of expertise is needed along with specialized key cutting equipment and transponder/ECU programming.

Depending on what the model and make of your vehicle is, it can cost several hundred dollars to have your lost car keys replaced. You also will need to have your vehicle transported to the dealership.

Usually we will be able to duplicate (clone) or replace your keys at a much less expensive rate than what a dealer will charge you. It is also much more convenient for you to use our on-site service.

Have a spare key made and store it in a safe place instead of waiting until it is too late. Doing that will save you the frustration of not being able to drive your vehicle and also spare you from having to pay for on-site emergency services.


Safes of all complexity, size and type can be supplied, installed, serviced and repaired by East Locksmiths. If you are unable to get a safe open on account of combination lock failure, electronic lock failure, lost keys or forgotten combination code, we provide emergency lockout services. We can open your safe efficiently and safely. If you believe that there have been any potential security compromises, we can change the keys and reset safe combinations. Our specialty is fire and standard safes for commercial premises, small businesses and homes.

Cities that We Service

Here is a few of the cities we service, we always have plans on expanding:

Canberra     Adelaide


In the past, CCTV video surveillance was a critical component of risk management and loss prevention strategy for operators and owners of larger businesses and commercial premises. However, lower cost units have become available recently, making it possible for many Australian families to have access to this technology.

Using recording systems and security cameras helps to deter would-be thieves. It also helps to ensure higher levels of property and personal protection. If a security or other type of incident takes place, recorded images can assist authorities such as the police in dealing with the incident. Overall, they provide individuals using your facilities with feelings of security and safety, both at night and during the day. In addition to providing deterrence, CCTV also helps to facilitate the response to or monitoring of:

  • Personal safety issues
  • Criminal damage or theft
  • Unauthorized activities
  • Public and staff access
  • Access and control of secure areas