Different Types Of Alarm Systems

There are various types of alarm systems available nowadays and choosing the most suitable one for your needs can be very daunting. Ensuring you have a home security system that protects both valuables and loved ones is essential, but how do you know it’s the right one? The answer is to always do some research and find the one most suited to your circumstances.


The monitored alarm system is arguably one of the more common systems and has various advantages and disadvantages. While the system alerts a call center linked to the police station once trigged, the call is sent through an outdoor phone line. How is this bad? The fact is that the outdoor phone line is not very secure and any burglar can cut the lines before entering the home, if they know about this. If this is the case, the call center and police would not be notified despite you believing they are being contacted. An alternative for a monitored alarm system is using a mobile phone or indoor radio making outdoor telephone lines less of an issue.

A second disadvantage to the monitored alarm system is that once the burglar has triggered the alarm he often has a period of time to enter and exit the building. In this timeframe he will be able to steal valuables and, hopefully not, attack any loved ones. The period of time is available because of the need to contact the call center and police services. It should also be noted that the monitored home alarm system can be more costly than the other alarm system options.


The unmonitored alarm system is a security system that triggers a siren both inside and outside the house once the alarm is “tripped”. The system is reliant on people at home or in the neighborhood to contact the police, unlike the monitored system where a call center was immediately contacted. One advantage to this alarm system is the elimination of any monitoring fees making it less costly and more affordable for many people. In addition to sirens, there is the option of flashing lights installation allowing people to identify where the alarm is being triggered. The majority of the time, the loud siren is able to scare burglars away as sirens draw a great deal of unwanted attention to the building.

A disadvantage to the unmonitored alarm system is that you will be reliant on neighbors to contact the police if you are not at home. If your neighbors are not proactive or not at home, the effectiveness of the security system is greatly reduced.

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Wireless System

A wireless alarm system is one of the most easily available options and can be purchased at any local hardware department. Of course, this system presents with advantages and drawbacks similar to the aforementioned alarm types. A pro to the wireless alarm system is the easy installation with a variety of system settings; for example, you can use cameras, beams, or motion detectors based on your preference. Furthermore, this system has a lowered cost with no need for monitoring fees.

A disadvantage to the wireless alarm system is its distance limitation between sensors and cameras. It should also be noted that the wireless aspect brings in a need for batteries which need to be replaced on a regular, and rather often, basis. The system itself may be inexpensive, but the long-term cost of batteries can be expensive.

Electric Current System

As with all security systems, the electric current home alarm system presents with various pros and cons. This type of alarm is one of the more commonly used styles for homes being built at the time of installation. It monitors both windows and doors sending a small audio notification to residents when they are opened. This is highly beneficial as a means of security and as a monitoring device for parents with small children who are restricted from opening specific doors or windows.

As a disadvantage, the outside electrical currents within the neighborhood may disrupt the functioning of the alarm system. Lightening has also been noted as a disruptive factor regarding the electric current home alarm system.

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