CCTV Surveillance Cameras

Close-circuit television systems, also known as CCTV, is potentially the most significant part of any security strategy. It is highly beneficial for any property in that it helps monitor both indoor and outdoor activity providing a sense of protection at home or the office. This overall monitoring is useful in locating intruders and reducing theft. Furthermore, an increase in camera quality (digital and analogue) with both hardwired and wifi options promotes abilities for identifying people, number plates, and activity from distances using zoom and maintaining image quality.

Home Security

It is seen that the numerous CCTV or digital cameras utilized as part of home or business security systems can trigger alarms when motion is detected. The correct positioning of the camera and improved quality of the image reducing false alarms of animals or passing cars. In addition, it is possible to program sensors to trigger only if a specific area of the “pixilated space” is detected.

OH & S Video Monitoring

Commercial cases will most common use programmed alarm systems to record activity via digital camera. In Brisbane, it is possible to obtain this type of alarm system from KGB security services. The alarm begins recording activity once the first person arrives at the commercial property in the morning and will continue recording the entry area until the second individual arrives. This is completed as an aspect of Occupation Health and Safety providing accurate portrayals of all happenings and as preparation for any potential problems.

A strong residential alarm security system does not necessarily rely on electronic protection exclusively, or on physical security exclusively, but rather a combination of both. Unlike previous security systems, advanced technologies now make it possible for individuals to live in user-friendly and secure environments.

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To ensure a successful security system outcome is achieved, the three basic rules must be adhered to:

– Detection

Detection refers to the identification of an object once it enters a viewable area. To be detected, the object must cover a minimum of 10% of the overall viewing area. Basically, something is in camera range.

– Confirmation

Confirmation occurs once the object is within the detection area and holds a minimum of 50% of the camera viewing area. At this point it will be possible to identify the object and determine what it is; however, it is not possible to note any physical details.

– Identification

Identification is obtained once the object holds 120% of the camera viewing area. At this point an object can be clearly identified and detailed features can be noted contributing to a positive identification. This final step is the aspect required by police to identify suspects and take appropriate steps for a successful arrest.

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Types of CCTV Cameras

There are so many types of cctv surveillance products.

Below is a video on the types of CCTV systems available: