Master Key Systems

Modern locksmiths have perfected the art of master keying locks and can help authorized persons gain easy access to locks and doors they no longer can unlock when they have lost or misplaced their keys. However, most mechanical locks have two main design flaws. The first being that keys can easily be copied and the second being that “dumb” locks are not effective in restricting access to different zones.

The good thing, though, is that these issues have long been resolved with the introduction of access control key systems and restricted master key systems.

The demand for master key systems has been there for almost a whole century now. Not so long ago, it was impossible to pick ‘skeleton key’ type locks with the only way to open numerous locks at ago (like those in jail) was for one to have all keys on one massive key ring. However, this approach soon became impractical. But with the introduction of master-keyed locks, things have now changed, and such systems are now commonplace.

Master-keyed systems offer users the option of having many different keys which can open either specific locks or a group of locks and, ultimately, a single key (known as the “grand master key”) that can open ALL locks.

For Australian businesses using a master-key system, one of the biggest issues they face is having good “key control” – this refers to the proper distribution and management of locks and keys. The good thing, however, is that computer programs like Excel spreadsheet are simplifying this task for such businesses. Ideally, when a key holder is assigned a key, they are required to sign for the receipt of the key, and sign when they give back the key. To ensure things work, good record keeping is essential.

However, when many keys are handed out to too many people all at once, it soon becomes a logistical nightmare. To avoid this, large corporations and large institutions like prisons should consider using a “Key Tracking Programing” – a program purposefully designed to help ease the process of distributing and managing keys and locks. If you use a master key stem at your business and want to improve how keys are distributed and managed by your company, then you will be glad to know that we are a trusted and professional locksmith company that sells, installs, and even trains personnel on how to use key tracking programs.

As such, if you want all your keys and locks well organized to minimize the number of keys you or your personnel carry to access different doors or to limit the number of people who can specific locks, then get in touch with us. We will come out and have a look at all your locks before coming up and presenting you a custom locking system solution that suits your needs. Give us a call today and we will respond in a professional and prompt manner. As a professional locksmith company, we do our best to make sure that we offer all our clients realistically priced solutions.

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The Benefits Of Using A Master Key System

Many benefits come with using a master key system, but the main one is that such a system gives you the power to not only determine who can gain access to your building but also which parts of your building some people can access. Other benefits of using a master key system include:

Also known as restricted access systems, master key systems use blank security keys that are specially designed and which can only be acquired from the locksmith who designed the said system. Once created, anyone who needs a key can only get one with the authorization from a nominee or the building owner.

  1. Master Key Systems maintain easily accessible records of all active keys and who have them, making it hard for keys to be recreated without authorisation.
  2. Master Key System locks are far more secure than ordinary lock systems. This is because restricted keys lower the chances of accidental openings using the wrong key.
  3. Well-developed restricted access systems are dynamic entities. As such, even when your business changes or grows, these systems can adapt to any changes as need be.

Why Master Key Systems Are Ideal for Corporates, Large Businesses, And Property Managers

For institutions like prisons, large businesses, and property managers, master key systems offer more flexibility compared to keying locks. And here is why! Keying locks require users to have multiple keys to open different locks; making them useful to small businesses and ideal for domestic use. However, with a master key system, only one key is needed to unlock different locks. As such, if you run a large business or institution that requires the use of multiple keys to gain access to different areas, then consider switching to a master key system to ease things and to have more control over things.

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