If you’ve ever though of getting a safe for your home or business, here’s a quick guide on the different safes available on the market:

Home Safes

As implied by its name, this type of safe is suited for the residential market. They mainly protect small amounts of passports, cash, and a couple of items of papers and jewellery from house fires and criminals. They typically have a cash rating and fire rating of up to $10,000. House safes can be purchased from $200 up to $1,000.

Commercial grade safes

Usually commercial safes have higher cash ratings and are larger, since businesses tend to have more cash that they need to protect in addition to valuables and paperwork. Therefore they range from small up to quite large (1,800 mm tall) and their cash ratings range from $10,000 up to $50,000.

Wall safes

In the past, these were mostly found within the residential market. However, they are fairly insecure and are now difficult to source. The major reason that they have declined is due to the fact that the timber that is in many houses makes it easy to rip these safes out. Many individuals naively believe that hiding a safe is an effective defense. Unfortunately, they are sadly mistaken since any safe should have the ability to defend against any attack in proportion to the value that is inside. Jewellers and banks purchase safes that are made and designed so that criminals are kept away from their valuables.

Underfloor and Inground safes

These kinds of safes are difficult to find when properly installed since they are hidden underneath the floor. These safes are very strong since a majority of the manufacturing budget gets spent on the lid or door. The most common size and stand is 300 mm cubed with a cash rating range of $8,000 up to $50,000.

Cash deposit safes

The quality of these safe range from $4,000 up to $100,000. Usually they are not any taller than 1000 mm. Some might have a basic posting slot (which isn’t difficult to defeat). However, over the past 10 years the trend is for there to be a flap deposit mechanism resembling the Australian red post box.

Jewellers grade safes

Mainly used by Jewellers, they also have become quite popular with those who store and purchase gold bullion for investment purposes. Jewellers safes are available in all sizes and their cash ratings range from $40,000 up to $100,000.

Dangerous drug safes

Most State Governments have Health departments that mandate that dangerous drugs must be locked up. They also have rules on their installation and construction. It appears that the Qld Health Act might be the strictest so that many of the drug cabinets that are acceptable for other states might not be sufficient in the Qld. They range in sizes from 300 mm in height up to 1400 mm tall.

Bankers grade safes

Banks of course have a lot of money and must have high grade safes in order to protect their cash. Over the past 35 years I do not recall a successful cracking of these safes. They have sophisticated alarms also and the safes are first rate. The ACS 8000 series and Chubb Isolator are the highest grade safes I’ve seen. These safes are both very expensive to make and aren’t made any longer. Banks have downgraded the requirements for their safes since they are keeping less cash on hand and other security protocols have been increased. The cash ratings of these safes range from $100,000 to $400,00 with a range of 1000 mm in height but are found mainly in the 1800 tall variety.

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Rifle cabinets

This market has unfortunately become watered down from all of the cheap (garbage) imports that have flooded in. In the past they were available with just 6 mm and 12 mm doors and walls but now are available in 2 mm doors and walls. Sales are rare although we do still stock the higher quality.

Pistol safes

Different State Police services may get very crabby if your pistols get stolen and are able to charge you if that occurs. Dedicated pistol safes are available, however there are many commercial grade safes and higher that are sufficient.

Cash dispensing safes

This type of safe is being used in massive numbers by bottle shops and petrol stations, and although they aren’t especially robust, they have been designed to remove the available cash to armed hold up robbers. They do an excellent job of deterring robbers and have quite sophisticated mechanisms and electronic control boards.

Night deposit safes

These are difficult to find and are only used by a couple of banks. These are high grade safes with a maximum height of 1300 mm. They have complex drawer deposit mechanisms and are very expensive. It is possible to convert these safes into high grade gold and jewellers safes.

ATM safes

In the past these safes were made to be super strong. However, they are lighter now. This is offset through them having sophisticated polling arms. These safes are commonly found to have 12 mm bodies and doors with no fire rating. There are many holes for cables to run through.

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Fire Safes

Fire safes are traditionally used in commercial settings as to protect documents and data from any potential fire hazard. Below is a short video about a guy who has a fires safe and a rifle safe in his garage – he mainly talks about his fire safe: